Working hard!!!

so been cracking on with Masouds oval and it should be 90% primered by Monday!!  this car is such a nice solid car!!!bl2

Also spare set of wheels for a Mr Fenner should he ever choose to use them!!! laid on the cream paint ready for the iris detail. came out real nice tho!!!bl1

more progress next week!!!

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Back on line!!

well after a major glich in our internet we are back on line!! Amoungst other things we have a new member of staff, Steve has joined our gang! He's only with us two days a week but he's making them count, hes also a lead singer in a wicked band called Thesumof so check them out ..........      www.myspace.com/thesumof     

Masouds oval has been moving on with alot going into epoxy.....its gone from this m1


to this...............m2

and on to this!!!!!!!!!looking pretty good!m51

Our good friend Mr Q has also sent over some panels from his Crewie all the way from Majorca to be sorted they needed a bit of tlc and a tickle with the welder!!ya

Also the last few bits of Sams bus went out ready to be bolted on to Sams bus which is being built up at the T2D HQ....

So from now on we HOPE that our internet will stay connected and we can keep you updated!!!!!!

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ready for summer and surf

a friend of ours turned up in this today, super cool 50's chevvy surf mobile!!!! its ratty and cool as we love it!!!!stevescar

we'll be doing a little bit of work on this soon so keep an eye out!!!!

Masouds oval Rag now completely stipped and ready to go off pan! this car is so solid its unreal!!masoud

Some more fabbing been going on with Mr Evans's car plus some detail black for Paul Denham..........check back soon!!!

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T4's and paperwork

Local boy Steve picked up his T4 after a bit of a tidy up this week, his been pimping it up adding some nice wheels and a bit of TQR paintwork was just what it needed!!stevet4

Also when seperating the Sweedish rat body from the pan we stumbled back over the paperwork that came with ......super original with mileage listed and everything!! We delivered the pan down to Evil Bens ready for airslamming!!!!paperw

So some more welding been going on with Robs car more pics of that tommorrow, plus over the next week a new member of staff will hopefully be joining us for a couple of days a week wife and new baby allowing!!! Also a black session on Denz's running gear coming soon!!!!!!

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Pics of George's bus!! up for sale!!!!!!george

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For Sale!!!

our good friend and tattooist George is selling his bus which many moons ago I used to own!!!!! it will be avaliable to view at Big Bang or contact 07711591636 :-1967 split panel , german rhd , 1641cc motor twin dellorto 36s (itallian match paired) new tinware inc lowers,
1303s box with q/shift cruises 70mph @3500rpm pulls right off clock .
weedeater narrowed front with discs and spax gas adj
old bernard newbury interior (bit shabby)
brand new jedsi ,ash ply canterbury pitt camp setup .
all new outriggers cargo floor ect
all ready to go for the summer!!! offers of around £14,000 could be lucky enough to be the next owner!!!!!!!!!


for some reason pics on here are down but I will post some of the bus tommorrow or just check our facebook page!!!

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Parts gone back

so Sams final few bits including bumpers etc have been delivered back to him, turned out real nice tank1

Had a near miss at the weekend in the booth about to lay some colour when BANG pot goes and explodes what a mess, this was the imprint on the roof!!!bang1


Right so we have had a new arrival thats traveled quite some way!!! be sure to come check it out!!!

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