special delivery..........

so Matt and Sals 73 has left the building! only to travel back to them from Trailer Queen tho!, Looked pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!, this really will be one to look out for in 09!

We had a visitor in the form of Mr Martin Fenner along with his lovely wife Jenny and baby Ryan at  the weekend, for those who don't know Martins wicked 55 vert is coming to us in April for some paint magic after its naked dipped appearance at the Volksworld show in March. He also has purchased our 63 rag project which will be getting some attention from our welder after the top secret project has been sent off!! Martin is a fussy g*! for those who know him, but he deffinatley gave the 73 cal looker the thumbs up ;) i think you can see why.....Imported Photos 01968

Imported Photos 01969

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new delivery.

So today a new arrival came in . El Standito is finally in the UK after a 3 year wait by Mr Webster, our friend and logo designer!!! This bus is so cool and super low, but it needs a little well to be honest it needs a floor!! lolImported Photos 01911

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this one! Also I have finished off some flatting work on the shiney paint of the rat! its not something I am used to trying to dull down shine, but hey, Its worked pretty cool!Imported Photos 01901

then as if by magic!Imported Photos 01903

also some rocking horse shit turned up with Ants bus today, unfortunaltey this shit belongs to Ant, but cool none the less!Imported Photos 01933

NOS foxcrafts........eoooerrrrrrr........

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rat fans............

so welcome back and a happy new year to everyone!!! our new years resolution is to blog more!!! so we will have lots more progress and project pics for you over the coming months.

we really are excited to be involved in quite a few high profile projects coming up over the next year, a few will be at the Volksworld show too so we will let you know so you can be sure to check them out!!!!

this weekend we got busy on one of our own projects our 62 sweedish rat bug, bought from our good friend Owen at VW Garden, this is such a sweet and tidy car but the bottom 6" had the usual issues!!! after extensive surgery, we finally got the paint on this weekend. came out really nice shame we now have to matt it all down to match the rest of the car!!!!Imported Photos 01886

Imported Photos 01890

the pan will be getting painted etc and cleaned up and hopefuly this will be on the road slammed and narrowed and in the restowagen lineup at Volksworld show and also for sale!!

took delivery of our next project Late Friday under the cover of darkness!!! you won;t be getting to see this super cool project until the volksworld show! Matt and Sals car is almost ready to depart, after Matt decided that the vents in the bonet needed to go!!! so I had to weld and repaint it!! :O this again is going to be another real nice car to look out for at shows this year!

and to finish check out my Stan the Man in his cool winter coat!!!! lolImported Photos 01868

he's getting really old now and this cold cornish air has taken its toll on him, so he is nice and toasty in his parka!!!!

check back soon for more updates


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Family Affair.......

or slave labour???? well alot of time been spent down the workshop and that means workshop fun for the whole family!!! We're gonna need the crimbo break!!!!Imported Photos 01572

Its been full on seven days a week to get everything done so we can have a break over christmas but all the extra effort has been more than worthwhile!!Imported Photos 01660

will post a pick as the panels are added on over the next few days, but as I left it this evening with the rear end in place!!!Imported Photos 01740

Also some major fabrication been taking place on Mr Quatermans Vert.......rear cross members ........Imported Photos 01543

check back before crimbo for some last minute updates on both projects!!!!

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ink time

so whilst the cal looker is resting , after its prime up!!!!Imported Photos 01484

 Imported Photos 01475

I have been getting on with Andy Q's vert for a few days!!! this will really be one to look for in the new year, will post some pics later in the week.....

Last weekend we paid another visit to George at Lucky 7 tattooing, Kels starting her left sleeve and its got off to a cracking start with an old school gyspy head!!Imported Photos 01504

George is an amazing artist so keep checkin back to see some more of his work as we go back to see him before christmas for some more work on both our sleeves!!!!

Be sure to check out the new blogs of Java and JGE , click on the logos on the right hand side!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cal lookin good........

so Been working really hard on Matts car bits of it used to look like this Imported Photos 01408

and now they look like this!

Imported Photos 01435

and the cars really starting to take shape and look real good

Imported Photos 01449

Finally last week we had a visitor in the form of Mr Martin Fenner, Martins the new owner of a rather gorgeous 55 vert thats going full resto its having a bit of bodywork done right now at Evil Bens but it will be with me in the new year, unfortunaltey due to the credit crunch and all that we had to put Martin to work to pay for his deposit.........lolImported Photos 01398

keep checkin back!!!

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pan porn.....

So Denz's pan is finally painted, belive me although it was alot of work I think everyone can't help but agree that its amazing!!!Imported Photos 01343

Imported Photos 01349

had a chance to go back to essex a few weekends ago and had a quick visit to George our tattooist at Lucky Seven tattoo's Romford (check out here www.thelucky7.co.uk and also click the banner of my tattoo!!!)Imported Photos 01328

To be honest its a little bit hulk elbow  here but its more awesome work from George, can't wait to crack on with the rest of the sleeve!!!

Also got to go see Rancid play live at Brizzle, was absolutley amazing!!!!!! the support argy bargy were amazing too!

Imported Photos 01391

check back late this week for some progress pics of Matt and Sals late looker that I've been working on this week!!!!!!

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