new arrival....

A few seriously cool cars have been heading to Ireland of late and in that few is a couple I have had the pleasure of doing the paint on!!!, some of you may have heard of the squareblack????lol well this is where they are headed check out Waynes site and drool at his collection! http://www.waynemacvw.com/

sooooooooo this past week or so I have been sorting out denzes pan for paint, believe me this has been a HUGE task lol as both he and I are notoriously perfectionist!!!!!!!lol but its gonna look off the chizzain!!!!!!!!!!Imported Photos 01281

check back next week when this pan gets some famous trailer queen black!

our new arrival in the shop this week is Matt and Sal's 73 Cal Looker to be!!!this is going to be one seriously cool fast car, so it got blasted this week in prep for me attacking it with the straightening irons next week!!!!!! this is actually going to be the first bug to come out of Trailer Queens with full paint!!!!! BUT many more to come ;) so keep em peeled Imported Photos 01293


Sal's running a progress thread over on Cal look lounge so go check it out!

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ok so NEXT.............

Last couple of weeks I have been working on an amazing project to be honest at first it almost daunted even ME let alone the owner, this guy really has some dedication to this car!!! it will be an on going project that will pop up from time to time and basically it major reconstruction!!! he has a thread running here to check out the full story.....http://restowagenuk.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=31&start=0

but to give you an idea.....Imported Photos 01254

 new front end in place from a doner CAR....yes thats right a whole car......Imported Photos 01264

lines up pretty sweet, much bracing etc later !!!so be sure to check out his thread for the full story. Random pic of a van I saw coming home from good ol Essex the other week, I was just loving this and it made the guys day when I asked for some pics...non VW but cool asImported Photos 01145

Have a new major proect coming in soon, something alittle bit differenet and way cool!!! still a bug tho ;) some real late evenings coming on Gavs bus also so check back soon for more progress with that as paint time is iminent!!!!!!!!!!

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Razors Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Razorblack LOL left the workshop this week!!!! whilst I was polishing it up i took a few pics,Imported Photos 01184

and as it was loaded up!!!Imported Photos 01189

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razzle razor!!!!

painted shell pics as promised!Imported Photos 01170

Imported Photos 01175

Imported Photos 01178

Imported Photos 01173

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on the inside....

so thought I would paint the inside of the razor and show some pics!!!Imported Photos 01118Imported Photos 01121

Imported Photos 01120

check back on Monday for the shell ;)

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prime time....

so the razor is going black before the week is out!!!! its getting rubbed down right now and in the meantime the bus now looks like this!!!!Imported Photos 01104

Imported Photos 01101

Imported Photos 01102

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So as you know the razor was primered and after the guide coat and a good rub down........Imported Photos 01088

it was back to the booth for another couple of coats which showed exactly how cool this is goin to look!!! plus it is going black!Imported Photos 01092Imported Photos 01093

so this week its gonna get trailer queen'd and get its top coats, also in the booth awaiting some primer on MondayImported Photos 01097

So it was'nt great working on the couple of sunny days we have had this year but alot got done!!!!!!!!!!! check back this week coz paint jobs are like buses here.......

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