Back on line!!

well after a major glich in our internet we are back on line!! Amoungst other things we have a new member of staff, Steve has joined our gang! He's only with us two days a week but he's making them count, hes also a lead singer in a wicked band called Thesumof so check them out ..........      www.myspace.com/thesumof     

Masouds oval has been moving on with alot going into epoxy.....its gone from this m1


to this...............m2

and on to this!!!!!!!!!looking pretty good!m51

Our good friend Mr Q has also sent over some panels from his Crewie all the way from Majorca to be sorted they needed a bit of tlc and a tickle with the welder!!ya

Also the last few bits of Sams bus went out ready to be bolted on to Sams bus which is being built up at the T2D HQ....

So from now on we HOPE that our internet will stay connected and we can keep you updated!!!!!!

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