it all hinges on.......

a pin!!! so we posed the question to you, what do you do if a customer decided to change a hinge pin as your about to paint a car??? well you change it ofcourse!!!! nothing ever runs smoothly so the pin got stuck resulting in us changing the hinge as well as the pin!!! but it looks pretty good and the door sure fits nice ;) Imported Photos 00303

Imported Photos 00312

All back and detailed like it should be!!! check out the full story of this and more on Mr Fenners car at www.restowagenuk.com in the readers ride section.





Also in top secret of course but a little sneaky pic, black and white of course a car we painted a few years ago 6 to be precise!!!!, new  5" custom beam!!! watch out!!! coming to a show near you soon!

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