one down

loads more to goooo!!! thankfuly we have plenty of work still in store for you, but on Friday Sam came to collect his bus it looked amazing and they'll some pics of us waving good bye soon. but as I have been promising heres one of our latest deliverys. Its been with us for a while now with slow progress BUT now your gonna start to see the changes as we focus in on it!!!

Its already been rebuilt from the ground up by us, its been away for dipping and now its back!DSC_0517-1 (2)

can you guess what it is yet???

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Ok so Sams bus is now looking super sexy!!!! Its really good to see any job get ready to leave but this one looks amazing and we are so pleased it came out so briliantly it really is unbelieveable that it is the same bus that arrived all that time ago!!Imported Photos 00207

Imported Photos 00205

a few weeks ago we took delivery of some new arrivals, Paul Denhams oval rag being one of them, it was only away for a while after we gave it a bit of a make over it went off to be acid dipped and came back ready for its paint.........keep checking back to see it in progress, also some pics of it on arrival later in the week!!

some more beams builds and surprises getting ready for the lead up to the Volksworld show as we have mentioned we will be having a stand there in the main hall so be sure to come over and say Hi!!! and check out our detailing work close up also our beams!!

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So hope everyone had a restful and bountiful xmas and happy new year to all our followers!!! Been a funny few weeks, where to start well a few days before christmas I cut the top of my finger pad off!! drama and some butterfly stitches later all was back together again!! so Sams bus was full painted only waiting polish looking like this Imported Photos 00166

Imported Photos 00175

so since coming back in the new year with a serious dose of family man flu!!! (yes we have ALL had it) I have been polishing away so pics later in the week of the doors on etc!!

Theres been two new arrivals also that I will reveal as the week goes on, Mr Fenner popped by to see his 55 after some recent issues have been resolved its going to get its paint in the next couple of weeks so he can finally have it back!!!!! lol

phew.......busy busy......now wheres those vitamin c tablets!!!!

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