So hope everyone had a restful and bountiful xmas and happy new year to all our followers!!! Been a funny few weeks, where to start well a few days before christmas I cut the top of my finger pad off!! drama and some butterfly stitches later all was back together again!! so Sams bus was full painted only waiting polish looking like this Imported Photos 00166

Imported Photos 00175

so since coming back in the new year with a serious dose of family man flu!!! (yes we have ALL had it) I have been polishing away so pics later in the week of the doors on etc!!

Theres been two new arrivals also that I will reveal as the week goes on, Mr Fenner popped by to see his 55 after some recent issues have been resolved its going to get its paint in the next couple of weeks so he can finally have it back!!!!! lol

phew.......busy busy......now wheres those vitamin c tablets!!!!

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