crimbo is upon us!!

and its all go go go..........well more paint action on Sams bus, to ensure to the best possible finish without any problems and super glas paint you have to paint everything peice by peice!!! so heres the doors etc that saw some action today!!Imported Photos 00121

and its me!!!!!!!!Imported Photos 00115

also been visited by our mate Reubyn last week, as you may now Reubs and ace prosurfer and we have done some work on his amazing T5, well this dude never stops and has been doing more and more to it!! so we are detailing some interior parts now, but he turned up in his other toy!!! affectionatley named "Landy" lol its a super cool mark 1 Land Rover.landy

and super sweet interior! landy1

few new projects in soon, Paul Denhams oval rag has arrived pics to follow soon!

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