So we have developed a 4" fit as standard, with no body mods beam. This beam is made from 100% new engineered metal, new cds tubes, milled and turned to recieve needle bearings and mikarta bushes!!! Just like OG beams BUT low and narrow ;) of course!!!!  These also look real nice as it happens, avaliable to order  now with leaves and stuff or without!!!Imported Photos 00879

Imported Photos 00886

This beam is a custom 5" beam made for Mr Denham whos ragtop will be winging its way to us next week............so if you want something a lil bit special let us know.

Sams bottom half was tqr'd this afternoon......boy oh boy this bus looks sweeeeeet and its been sooooo much work, but the pics speak for themselves.Imported Photos 00073

Imported Photos 00082

Imported Photos 00083

Imported Photos 00089

just look how sweet the colours look together!

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