so had a good friend of ours Jacks deck in for a while now it had some TQR flames on it but We have been thinking that it needed something else, soooooo this is just what it needed!!!Imported Photos 00024

Imported Photos 00029

still needs its final coat of clear but we think you get the idea, gona be having a few variations of these going up for sale soon so stay tuned, or if you have any commissions let us know!!!

Also got to finish off Ad's fuch's, did a petrol tank for him a couple of weeks ago that came out real nice so now his wheels match!!!full unmasked shots to come!Imported Photos 00035

had a real hard core weekend working on Sams bus ready for the bottom half paint, for those that don;t know when we do a bus its prepped, straightened, primed, rub down and primed again which is all then rubbed down AGAIN ready for sealer and paint, so the whole process takes aaaagessss. but its what it takes to make a super straight all over TQR job, the pics we put of the bus the other day were HUUUGE so heres some down to size ones....

Imported Photos 00003

Imported Photos 00013

Imported Photos 00012




come back tomorrow, we're going to have some pics of the bottom and now very straight half of sams bus, Martins 55 has been seeing some action also and a breakdown of our new ready to wear bearing ladden beams !!!!!

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ho ho ho green giant!!!!

Imported Photos 00009
So been some paint going on in the last week !! mainly on Sams bus!! the underneath saw its true colours tonight, We guess we must have used a few miles of masking tape with all the mask, unmask, mask, unmask action thats been going on, but here at Trailer Queen we believe if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right!!!! and right it looks ;) Imported Photos 00007


also the cabs in its colours now Imported Photos 00891

also this week we had a visit from Mr Denham, who came down to drop off some parts and also to pick up his beam, this is our all new 100% scratch built and engineered to recieve mikarta bushings and lets be fair it looks pretty stunning too ;) Imported Photos 00886

Imported Photos 00879

Beams are now for sale 4" link pin narrowed so be sure to contact us with your requirements!!!!

Also come back soon to see more paint action!!!!

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shiney shiney!!!!

so painted a new tank for Adam's super duper 57, formerly of the fendered variety!!!!! delvered this back to Ad a few weeks back in exchange for a set of polished og fuch's that are getting detailed ready for the new show season!!! the tank came out super nice, took a little arty pic that includes two splits in at the momment which will both be seeing some paint this side of christmas!! Imported Photos 00835

looks really really nice!!!! Kelly is STILL going on about the fleece blanket she donated to ensure its safe journey home ! Verstomd

Sam bus has been seeing alot of TQR loving in the last few months, believe me this bus was a real challenge but its all finally paying off, as you can see from the pics of the inside!!!!Imported Photos 00850

Imported Photos 00838

this will be in full colours before the weeks out closely followed in the next few weeks by Mister Fenners Vert, oh yeah and some fuch's........also some work taking place on our very own ex rat project now owned by none other than Mr Wayne Mac....phew..........busy busy busy!!!!Also be sure to check back to see our next major project, its coming back for paint, its been with us before!!! yup Mr Denhams Oval Rag...........

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have you missed us???

soooo its been ages since we've blogged!!! alots been happening loads of the hard work leading up to paint on Martins 55 and Sams 15 window!!! over the next week or two you 'll get to see there final transformation!!! But in short the last few weeks :-

I turned 40!!!!!!! :O I know I don't look old enough but its true!! as part of my 40th I went to pick up our new little toy!7623_1270011348315_1170806542_30830629_7170366_n

this car has massive sentimental value to me as no less than 4 of my mates have owned this car in our younger days!!! Sir Ivan of Volksworld fame created it back in the day the first Restocal type 3, then owned by Andy Finch aka Spike, on to my friend Glenn Peacock and then onto non other than Mr Paul Medhurst of T3D.  Its gonna be going on the road for Volksworld so be sure to check out its progress!

Imported Photos 00758Imported Photos 00756

Few last bits of Mister Fenners vert went to primer or should we say re went to primer as there has been some major repairs done to the bonnet due to some rust issues left there by the spl process.....check out the debate on www.restowagenuk.com in the tech forum, also check out Martins build thread whilst your there!!!

Imported Photos 00725

Imported Photos 00727

Sams bus is now all super straight and we are rubbin rubbin rubbin ready for paint, this bus has taken major major work its been a real battle BUT the effort has really paid off!!! its so super straight and will be in its colours very soon so be sure to check it out!!

had a few visitors and a few road trips have been necessary.Imported Photos 00791

Imported Photos 00804

our friend John dropped by to see the notch in his super cool oval rag, we love this car it looks so right!! and he had even cleaned his wheels!! lol

Imported Photos 00761

on the road trip to collect our notch we met up with Ian, his brother Pauls car was hanging around, this will be on a road near you soon!!! check out the retro Jones Auto sticker!!old skool!!!!!

Also delivered Ad's tank back for the super cool 57. More pics and updates to come so you'll just have to come back and we promise not to go awol again !!!!

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