so had a good friend of ours Jacks deck in for a while now it had some TQR flames on it but We have been thinking that it needed something else, soooooo this is just what it needed!!!Imported Photos 00024

Imported Photos 00029

still needs its final coat of clear but we think you get the idea, gona be having a few variations of these going up for sale soon so stay tuned, or if you have any commissions let us know!!!

Also got to finish off Ad's fuch's, did a petrol tank for him a couple of weeks ago that came out real nice so now his wheels match!!!full unmasked shots to come!Imported Photos 00035

had a real hard core weekend working on Sams bus ready for the bottom half paint, for those that don;t know when we do a bus its prepped, straightened, primed, rub down and primed again which is all then rubbed down AGAIN ready for sealer and paint, so the whole process takes aaaagessss. but its what it takes to make a super straight all over TQR job, the pics we put of the bus the other day were HUUUGE so heres some down to size ones....

Imported Photos 00003

Imported Photos 00013

Imported Photos 00012




come back tomorrow, we're going to have some pics of the bottom and now very straight half of sams bus, Martins 55 has been seeing some action also and a breakdown of our new ready to wear bearing ladden beams !!!!!

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