ho ho ho green giant!!!!

Imported Photos 00009
So been some paint going on in the last week !! mainly on Sams bus!! the underneath saw its true colours tonight, We guess we must have used a few miles of masking tape with all the mask, unmask, mask, unmask action thats been going on, but here at Trailer Queen we believe if a jobs worth doing, its worth doing right!!!! and right it looks ;) Imported Photos 00007


also the cabs in its colours now Imported Photos 00891

also this week we had a visit from Mr Denham, who came down to drop off some parts and also to pick up his beam, this is our all new 100% scratch built and engineered to recieve mikarta bushings and lets be fair it looks pretty stunning too ;) Imported Photos 00886

Imported Photos 00879

Beams are now for sale 4" link pin narrowed so be sure to contact us with your requirements!!!!

Also come back soon to see more paint action!!!!

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