shiney shiney!!!!

so painted a new tank for Adam's super duper 57, formerly of the fendered variety!!!!! delvered this back to Ad a few weeks back in exchange for a set of polished og fuch's that are getting detailed ready for the new show season!!! the tank came out super nice, took a little arty pic that includes two splits in at the momment which will both be seeing some paint this side of christmas!! Imported Photos 00835

looks really really nice!!!! Kelly is STILL going on about the fleece blanket she donated to ensure its safe journey home ! Verstomd

Sam bus has been seeing alot of TQR loving in the last few months, believe me this bus was a real challenge but its all finally paying off, as you can see from the pics of the inside!!!!Imported Photos 00850

Imported Photos 00838

this will be in full colours before the weeks out closely followed in the next few weeks by Mister Fenners Vert, oh yeah and some fuch's........also some work taking place on our very own ex rat project now owned by none other than Mr Wayne Mac....phew..........busy busy busy!!!!Also be sure to check back to see our next major project, its coming back for paint, its been with us before!!! yup Mr Denhams Oval Rag...........

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whaouuuuu ! very very good job ! ;-)

Gepost door: nick | 20-11-09

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