bits and bobs!!!

So much hard work rubbing down side panels of buses and getting them arrow straight!!! but not only that we have had time to put into production our new bolt on beams, totally scratch built and made from all new parts from our own engineering bat cave!!!! went into primer Imported Photos 00591

Also some of Martins 55 ivory interior parts got there final coats! Imported Photos 00606

Imported Photos 00598

Imported Photos 00610

Also we know it was neeearly done BUT our rat project has been bought and is going onto pastures new!!! its going to have a few little jobs done first but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it at a show next year!!!! Never ones to be without a challenge , in its place we have struck a deal and this is arriving in OCT at TQR!!!!notch

obviously looks a bit different from this now BUT be sure to keep coming back and you'll get to see the resto!!!!

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