well its been a while!!!! we realised exactly how long it has been since we blogged when we recieved requests for more updates from a French Fan, so Arnaud this ones for you!!!

Well things have been so busy we haaaad to take a break so we had a week out and traveled to Spain for a family holiday, but apart from that major changes, with a new addition to my staff .......well actually Kelly (my wife) has now started working with me full time, she has been helping out for years out of hours etc but we are now fortunate enough for her to come and work with me!!!  she asked for a company vehicle and this is what i got her so check back for it being resto'd!!Imported Photos 00528

we have been working on Martins vert and also Sams bus which needs ALOT of work but its all straightened out and will be in full primer by the end of the week  so watch out!!! been working on a new bolt on beam but its stratch built with some major engineering work having taken place!!! check back to see it all shiney this week!!Imported Photos 00492

Martins vert pan got collected by ben from Evil Bens this week also, so the build up will start here!!!! Imported Photos 00414

so more work updates coming a little more frequently from now on we promise!!!

finally huge congrats to the T3D boys on all the awards at the weekend from the Players show , Brazillia and the Squareback where both there, was super Happy for Mr Wayne Mac with the Best Paint award at the show, we are pleased to have been part of such a legend!!!!!!! come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!! we promise we will!!!!

check it out still looking amazing...........here with its super cool award.............players_09_146

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