So the first bit of Iris went onto Martins Vert last week, ready for the hood frame to be placed in its final resting place ready for the final count down over the next few weeks to paint!!! its a huge job but we're soooooo ready!!Imported Photos 00423

Imported Photos 00421

rather a lovely colour choice we think!!! also Martins vert pan is finally all shiney Imported Photos 00404Imported Photos 00407

on another note be sure to go to www.WorldSportsModel.com  and vote for our good friend Sophie!!!! shes an ace surfer and local model so get busy people just become a fan and that counts as a vote for her!!! search for Sophie Hellyer!!!! sophie

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All work and no play makes things shiney!!!!

well lots of work been going on and an exciting couple of weeks!!! Sams bus is going into primer all the bolt on panels are looking super straight!!! juat that long side panel to go now!!! Imported Photos 00357Imported Photos 00368

also slowly but surely Martins bits and peices and pan have been working there way to done! they are kinda shiney!!!!Imported Photos 00222Imported Photos 00229

wanna see some of Martins car in its full colour glory????? well come back tommorrow we just might show ya!!!!

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