working 9 to 5 ....yeah and the rest!!

busy busy busssy times at TQR - we have taken delivery of Sam's 15 window, its already seen some TQR attention and has been in reciept of some lead!!!.........check that out over the next week!!

This last week, we finished the metal work totally on Yachty's vert and it was sent away returning in a few months after stripping for the paint work!!! byeeeeeeeee alot of amazing work has gone into this car and ALOT of owner dedication it will be one serious car to look out for on the show circuit!!!Imported Photos 00141 (2)

and also Martins 55 vert's pan went into primer, its taken a good few weeks to achieve the level of detail thats gonna be displayed on this pan!!! its going glossy next week!!!!Imported Photos 00183Imported Photos 00179 (2)

smoooooooth and straight.................and THATS just the pan ;)

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