Altogether again!

Martins 55 fully prime and put back together to "rest" for a few weeks!Imported Photos 00149 (2)Imported Photos 00159 (2)

lookin real nice!!! be sure to have a read of his thread on www.restowagenuk.com, under readers rides, check it out!

more fab on yachtys taking place as we hit the final stretch of metal work after what seems like a long long time! both sides did look like this.Imported Photos 00506Imported Photos 00510Imported Photos 00126

after a bit of fabbin *just a bit* they look like this!!!

got a cool bus coming in on Fri and finishing Martins pan and associated bits and peices are going to see some shiney paint action!!!!

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Prime Time

Been a busy busy bee this week, even though the sun and surf are shining we have had much to do, Martins 55 vert is going into primer over the week!! looking good!!Imported Photos 00160 (2)Imported Photos 00161 (2)Imported Photos 00163

all the sunshine has brought out some cracking cars saw this nice split when we was about in Braunton for a skate

Imported Photos 00087

this gem is owned by a local guy in Bude , super original, same as the driver 87 years of age and still cruzin!!!Imported Photos 00115 (2) 

check back to see Martins vert in all its primered refitted glory!!!!

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Media coverage..........

amazing coverage from Performance VW in this months mag well done to Paul and the boys on another fab build and congrats to well US!!!!! for painting it!!!!Imported Photos 00146

Imported Photos 00149

be sure to check it out!!!!! massive feature and also centrefold ;)

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So as many of you probably know Kel, myself and our sons took part in the Bath to Bristol Lush longboard charity skate on Sat, 15 miles in aid of The National Autistic Society. We managed to raise about £470.00 as a family and over all the day raise around £3000.00 and still counting!! We had a really good day..........Bude skate massive..........Imported Photos 00108

some of the skaters at the goal - a weatherspoon pub!!!Imported Photos 00107

finally an incriminating video of me trying to catch a ride with my 8 year old Crazy D (or Dylan as most of you know him)

well it was a long long way!!

Had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow Vedub nut  from Torbay, who was also taking part in the skate, Jay of AJ's Vdubs, shot of his pretty coolImported Photos 00116
club TShirt!!!


so check back this week for Martins 55 going to primer !!!!

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busy busy busy

Hectic week here at TQR as usual....... last weekend we had a couple of visitors in, Andy came from Plymouth to collect his detailed Fuch's they looked super cool, not as cool as the ride there gonna be on!!!Imported Photos 00054Imported Photos 00135

Also we had local boy and UK Pro Surfer Reubyn Ash in to get some work done on his super cool T5, just some touch ups but we gave it the TQR treatment all the same....he looks pretty happy with it :)Imported Photos 00068

the surfers out there will already know the score on exactly how good Reubyn is but for the non surfers check out this video, you can understand after looking at this why he is considered to be the UK's no 1.

but not to get excited ladies as he brought his lovely girlfriend Sophie with him and she also happens to be a Pro Surfer.............

if you have facebook be sure to become a fan !!!!!!

well check back for more progress on Martins 55 vert and who knows what else......now wheres me wet suit and surf board I need more practice..............



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