So as many of you probably know Kel, myself and our sons took part in the Bath to Bristol Lush longboard charity skate on Sat, 15 miles in aid of The National Autistic Society. We managed to raise about £470.00 as a family and over all the day raise around £3000.00 and still counting!! We had a really good day..........Bude skate massive..........Imported Photos 00108

some of the skaters at the goal - a weatherspoon pub!!!Imported Photos 00107

finally an incriminating video of me trying to catch a ride with my 8 year old Crazy D (or Dylan as most of you know him)

well it was a long long way!!

Had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow Vedub nut  from Torbay, who was also taking part in the skate, Jay of AJ's Vdubs, shot of his pretty coolImported Photos 00116
club TShirt!!!


so check back this week for Martins 55 going to primer !!!!

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