ok so beavering away on Martins 55 vert, which is coming together very nicely, more pics of that soon, at TQR last weekend we had a visit from non other than our old mate Ant, who came down to finally meet his bus after 3 1/2 years of buying it and getting it shipped!, I have already cut the floor out but he did'nt seem to mind..........Imported Photos 00005

this will be being welded up and driven so look out for it coming to a show near you later this year!! also lifted this cool pic from Beakers blog of the Brazila Photoshoot for volkworld....looking real good, if you don;t already know its already had two shoots and is lined up for another later in the week.....thats just what happens when you get T3D and TQR involved on projects together!!!!!!!!!!Bras photo shoot

and finally I have been given several nicknames of late, including pastyman!!! but the one thats seems to be sticking at the momment *courtesy of Martin Fenner* is Dark Lord of Bude.....well you'll never guess what!!!!Imported Photos 00002 

They only named a beer after me :O seemed rude not to buy it and drink it!!!

come back soon!!!!!!!!!!

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