putting the lead in your pencil!!

so loads been happening here at Trailer queen loads of final fab parts on Andy Q's vert, and a few bits an peices, but the main project of the last few weeks has been Martin Fenners 55 Vert, fresh from Evil Ben the fab mans place, it came to TQR HQ after a trip to the dippers and appearing naked at the Volksworld show, this week it was time to get my lead on, and its at times like this that I am glad of the old school apprenticeship with the real old skoolers I served!! not had to lead a car in ages as most people don't go for it, but its sooo worth it!!!Imported Photos 00329

after Imported Photos 00340Imported Photos 00348Imported Photos 00351

going to be steaming on with this one for a good few weeks , be sure to check back, theres been a fair few interesting visitors to TQR of late also and we will be fillin you in on that and more folks!!!!!!!!!!!

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