ok ground breaking news....

for years his identity has been a mysteryImported Photos 00163

but as it turns out....the stig is actually..............yup our eight year old Dylan, in between jamming on his guitar and hitting the skate park it turns out he's been doubling as a stunt driver!!!!!!!!Imported Photos 00164

he was'nt too happy that his secret was out but what can you do........an arty shot in Steve from Brizzles Deck Lid..........Imported Photos 00105

been some serious fabbing on this week at TQR.....be sure to check out Andy Q's thread on www.restowagenuk.com   his thread is titled my 62 vert by yachty!!! ALso started some work on Martin Fenners 55 Vert, but no pics yet....you are all gonna just have to wait ;) til next week at least!!!!!!!!!

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bit of Bahama!!!!

Bit of a lack of blog this week, but so far we have these looking nice and shiney in BahamaImported Photos 00009Imported Photos 00010

Yachty's vert  look good from behind!!Imported Photos 00021

perfect fit!!!!!!!!!!!check back soon, as we have some pics of yet another vert!!!

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El Standito............deffinatley now standing

So got chopping on El Standito last week, found more than we bargained for with a few suspect spiders and a couple of termite mounds!!!:SImported Photos 00060Imported Photos 00070Imported Photos 00072 


some vert action occuring next week so be sure to check back!!! also these will be Bahama Imported Photos 00000 

and this will be shiney and black Imported Photos 00091 

also be sure to check out and become a fan of trailer queen restos on facebook, as we have just set up our new page!!!!!!!!

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so been a hectic week so far, working on some nice Bahama blue bug bits that have been brought in for some work, attacking Ants El Standito, detailing a few petrol tanks! and eyelining some fuch's! heres the unwrapped version!Imported Photos 00001Imported Photos 00002

these wheels are actually up for sale for anyone interested in a set of 2 x 4.5" fuchs and 2 x 6" fuchs  chromed and detailsed all for a bargain price of £2000.00 contact us or call Ian on 07961100814 check back for some more shiney pics!!!!!!!!!

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one for Aunt Sally.....

well we have been detailing some shiney wheels here at Trailerqueens, ready for worzel sorry wurze ahhh whateverl aka Ian.........lol.............freshly painted and ready for the unveiling!!!!Imported Photos 00011

Imported Photos 00012

check back to see em unpeeled..................

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check out

a nice little pic I found of me (middle and more handsome *cough cough*) and Paul From T3D sporting the latest in top20 trophys for the kerbsnake.........and Mr Wayne MacCarthy (not forgetting also his daughter who seemed quite taken with the trophy!!!) owner of the awesome squareblack holding on to his top 20 award.........be sure to check out Waynes site at http://www.waynemacvw.com/   Mr Mac owns some of the best Vw's on the show scene and be sure to look out this year to see what else he's gonna be busting out!!!!!!winners

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the journey!!!

So before we get down to more progress pics from this weeks endevours, we thought we'd show some progress pics from the Kerb snake seeing as we could'nt post them during the lead up to Volksworld, to give you a good idea of exactly how good and clean this car is!!as it came....just so we were all clear...Imported Photos 01975Imported Photos 01979 all gone.......Imported Photos 02001

bit of stripping, bit of DIY blasting (best bit of kit ever!!!) et voila...Imported Photos 02008

primed up....Imported Photos 02092

the detail you won't get to see with those 17" fuch's fillin up the arch!!!Imported Photos 02113

and the serious TQR finish....Imported Photos 02118

so coming up in the next few days we have some paint on the inside of Gavs bus , pics to follow, the rat pan and body reuniting and Ants bus get a start on some surgery and of course Martin Fenners 55 is getting started!!! phew busy times!!!

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