ok ground breaking news....

for years his identity has been a mysteryImported Photos 00163

but as it turns out....the stig is actually..............yup our eight year old Dylan, in between jamming on his guitar and hitting the skate park it turns out he's been doubling as a stunt driver!!!!!!!!Imported Photos 00164

he was'nt too happy that his secret was out but what can you do........an arty shot in Steve from Brizzles Deck Lid..........Imported Photos 00105

been some serious fabbing on this week at TQR.....be sure to check out Andy Q's thread on www.restowagenuk.com   his thread is titled my 62 vert by yachty!!! ALso started some work on Martin Fenners 55 Vert, but no pics yet....you are all gonna just have to wait ;) til next week at least!!!!!!!!!

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