the journey!!!

So before we get down to more progress pics from this weeks endevours, we thought we'd show some progress pics from the Kerb snake seeing as we could'nt post them during the lead up to Volksworld, to give you a good idea of exactly how good and clean this car is!!as it came....just so we were all clear...Imported Photos 01975Imported Photos 01979 all gone.......Imported Photos 02001

bit of stripping, bit of DIY blasting (best bit of kit ever!!!) et voila...Imported Photos 02008

primed up....Imported Photos 02092

the detail you won't get to see with those 17" fuch's fillin up the arch!!!Imported Photos 02113

and the serious TQR finish....Imported Photos 02118

so coming up in the next few days we have some paint on the inside of Gavs bus , pics to follow, the rat pan and body reuniting and Ants bus get a start on some surgery and of course Martin Fenners 55 is getting started!!! phew busy times!!!

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