so a good time had by all at the weekend......eats out at the Mexican in Cobham, everyones loving the Desperados!!Imported Photos 00060Imported Photos 00063

talking of relaxation and good times, theres alot of work that goes into the build up to each car and show, if you could see how some cars look when they turn up to us!!! it really shows how much work it takes to get them looking like they do when they leaveImported Photos 01877Imported Photos 01939


all the weeks of everyone work and my paint and this Kobus snake pic

also arriving this week was Martin Fenners 55 vert , fresh from being rebuilt by Ben at Evil Ben's, looks awesome going to be a real nice project to work on now !!! This the infamous undersign shot, but with a twist as its on its way in, usually only gets the treatment after its been painted!!TQR_2a

check back really soon for some more progress pics of the kerb snake and live feed of whats crackin in Bude!!!

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oops we did it again.........

Fresh back from the Volksworld show.........as some of you blog fans may know we have been fortunate to be involved with some amazing projects, especially these two.brazandsqr

we were very lucy enough to have two of the cars we have bodyworked and painted pick up Top 20 awards at the Volksworld show..........Imported Photos 00074

happy car owners is what we like here at TQR HQ and it has been real good to work alongside the T3D team on these two, Paul and the gang keep on striving to produce more amazing cars and we have enjoyed being apart of that!!

There were plenty of cool cars we liked at the Vworld show.....Imported Photos 00007

especially this!! Ben Lewis's insane country buggy, be sure to look check the blog for the next few weeks as the 55 vert thats just been delivered has been rebuilt peice by peice by Ben @Evilbens's whos an ace Fabin man........Imported Photos 00049

Balls's bus made Kel sing MC Hammer - long story.............Imported Photos 00018

HUssains insane vert ..Imported Photos 00052

gotta love this from the bus barn crew  Imported Photos 00064

them lot get everywhere.........the Bear Sat night!Imported Photos 00004

if you look back in the blog and see the pics of Paul and I almost 20 years ago, we ain't changed a bit!!!!!!!!*cough cough* and one more for good measuremattbraz

loads more of more pics tommorrow check back!!!

oh and Picture thanks to Matt Sanchez, good to meet you and Sal at the weekend finally! and thanks for the wicked kerb snake pic!!!

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full metal jacket..................

so theres been some more major progress on Andy Q's vert, to be honest with a project that needs so much fab and hard brain work, its easy to forgot how far its come but I think these shots sum it up !!Imported Photos 00301Imported Photos 00019

just a bit of a difference!Imported Photos 00026Imported Photos 00030
Imported Photos 00039

also with reference to our cider drinking farmer friend..........we at Trailer Queen would like to issue a full and frank appology for refering to the "chart topping sensations" as the worzels as it is infact The Wurzels..........and for a shiney pic check back to see these getting some detail and going up for sale in the near future..og 4 1/2's and 6's.............chrome.........Imported Photos 02569

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ab FAB......

So busy week this week with lots of late evenings with small bits and bobs but the main part of the week was spent on Andy Q's cab! alot of rotten metal had to come out over the last 6 months!Imported Photos 02602Imported Photos 02605

as you may or may not know our whole family has developed a love of longboarding.......one of my sons friends wanted a pimped board for his wall so I started cracking on this week :)Imported Photos 02631Imported Photos 02635

come back real soon!!!! more updates to come including Gavs bus getting some paint inside and a certain worzel lover getting some eyeliner on his wheels!!

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well have been working hard on lots of fabbing for Andy Q's vert, major works goin here and will be posting some pics up through this week,to show how its rollin......but I decided to take a well earned break last week ,its all go over the next few weeks in the lead up to the volksworld show lots of bits and bobs to be done!! so we all took a break and some time out to head to Les Coches France for a familly boarding trip , good times................Imported Photos 02536

I've been boarding for years now but tearing down red runs with my eight year old was a brilliant experiance!!! Boarding fun for all the family!Imported Photos 02551Imported Photos 02545

bit of brand reinforcement going on so all refreshed and back to work this week!! be sure to contact us for all your beam and narrowing slamming needs as we have just developed and had cut a new range of link/ball joint type one end plates, in one or two peice lazer cut from 10mm look real nice, sold alone or we can build you that dream narrow low custom beam!! Imported Photos 02576

Imported Photos 02580

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