so a good time had by all at the weekend......eats out at the Mexican in Cobham, everyones loving the Desperados!!Imported Photos 00060Imported Photos 00063

talking of relaxation and good times, theres alot of work that goes into the build up to each car and show, if you could see how some cars look when they turn up to us!!! it really shows how much work it takes to get them looking like they do when they leaveImported Photos 01877Imported Photos 01939


all the weeks of everyone work and my paint and this Kobus snake pic

also arriving this week was Martin Fenners 55 vert , fresh from being rebuilt by Ben at Evil Ben's, looks awesome going to be a real nice project to work on now !!! This the infamous undersign shot, but with a twist as its on its way in, usually only gets the treatment after its been painted!!TQR_2a

check back really soon for some more progress pics of the kerb snake and live feed of whats crackin in Bude!!!

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