oops we did it again.........

Fresh back from the Volksworld show.........as some of you blog fans may know we have been fortunate to be involved with some amazing projects, especially these two.brazandsqr

we were very lucy enough to have two of the cars we have bodyworked and painted pick up Top 20 awards at the Volksworld show..........Imported Photos 00074

happy car owners is what we like here at TQR HQ and it has been real good to work alongside the T3D team on these two, Paul and the gang keep on striving to produce more amazing cars and we have enjoyed being apart of that!!

There were plenty of cool cars we liked at the Vworld show.....Imported Photos 00007

especially this!! Ben Lewis's insane country buggy, be sure to look check the blog for the next few weeks as the 55 vert thats just been delivered has been rebuilt peice by peice by Ben @Evilbens's whos an ace Fabin man........Imported Photos 00049

Balls's bus made Kel sing MC Hammer - long story.............Imported Photos 00018

HUssains insane vert ..Imported Photos 00052

gotta love this from the bus barn crew  Imported Photos 00064

them lot get everywhere.........the Bear Sat night!Imported Photos 00004

if you look back in the blog and see the pics of Paul and I almost 20 years ago, we ain't changed a bit!!!!!!!!*cough cough* and one more for good measuremattbraz

loads more of more pics tommorrow check back!!!

oh and Picture thanks to Matt Sanchez, good to meet you and Sal at the weekend finally! and thanks for the wicked kerb snake pic!!!

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Good to finally meet you too... The Brasilia looked awesome. :-)

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