well have been working hard on lots of fabbing for Andy Q's vert, major works goin here and will be posting some pics up through this week,to show how its rollin......but I decided to take a well earned break last week ,its all go over the next few weeks in the lead up to the volksworld show lots of bits and bobs to be done!! so we all took a break and some time out to head to Les Coches France for a familly boarding trip , good times................Imported Photos 02536

I've been boarding for years now but tearing down red runs with my eight year old was a brilliant experiance!!! Boarding fun for all the family!Imported Photos 02551Imported Photos 02545

bit of brand reinforcement going on so all refreshed and back to work this week!! be sure to contact us for all your beam and narrowing slamming needs as we have just developed and had cut a new range of link/ball joint type one end plates, in one or two peice lazer cut from 10mm look real nice, sold alone or we can build you that dream narrow low custom beam!! Imported Photos 02576

Imported Photos 02580

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