the end is nigh............

So we have been working on a super secret *PAH* project for the Volksworld show for our good friend Mr Medhurst from T3D fame, so we had a visit from the man himself and his Balls (aka Matt) Friday to collect there freshly painted shell ready for the rebuild, Believe you me you won't be able to miss this at the show, another top quality project from these guys and we was more than pleased to be involved yet again!!! it was real good to meet up and we even got in a trip to Rick Steins, then back to the Edgecumbe Hotel for a few Skinners Ciders!!!! gotta love em!!

Today we re arranged our workshop as they are mega busy times ahead, Yachty's cab rebuild will be climaxing before the volksworld as its going off to be dipped, so thats gonna be worked on from here on, also Mr Fenners rags getting some more fabbing, plus Gavs at SW Splits bus is going to finally get some paint action!!! all in the next month!!!!!Imported Photos 02209

another installation today was our stress busting drum kit, although with the kids constantly playing it kinda had the reverse effect!!!Imported Photos 02207

fortunatley Billy can actually play, he deffo gets his skills from his dad!!

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scrubbing pans

right so project rat continues and should be up for sale within the next few days, if you wanna snap up and wicked solid rat car give us a mail!! we drafted in our eldest son to help with the pan cleanup ready for some paint and stonechip underneath to keep it solid in this nasty weather!!!Imported Photos 01995

Imported Photos 00457

finally we will be starting Martin Fenners rag project next week so check back is going to be another amazing car, its actually going to be for his wife Jenny so heres a pic of Jenny with baby Ryan checking it out for the first time.TQR_blog_pic

be sure to come back and check on progress!!

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