special delivery..........

so Matt and Sals 73 has left the building! only to travel back to them from Trailer Queen tho!, Looked pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!, this really will be one to look out for in 09!

We had a visitor in the form of Mr Martin Fenner along with his lovely wife Jenny and baby Ryan at  the weekend, for those who don't know Martins wicked 55 vert is coming to us in April for some paint magic after its naked dipped appearance at the Volksworld show in March. He also has purchased our 63 rag project which will be getting some attention from our welder after the top secret project has been sent off!! Martin is a fussy g*! for those who know him, but he deffinatley gave the 73 cal looker the thumbs up ;) i think you can see why.....Imported Photos 01968

Imported Photos 01969

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WOW! Special delivery? You're not kidding. It looks lovely. Brilliant. Thanks! :-)



Gepost door: Happy Customer | 20-01-09

No problem Sal, acn't wait to see it all built up

Gepost door: Gav | 21-01-09

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