Family Affair.......

or slave labour???? well alot of time been spent down the workshop and that means workshop fun for the whole family!!! We're gonna need the crimbo break!!!!Imported Photos 01572

Its been full on seven days a week to get everything done so we can have a break over christmas but all the extra effort has been more than worthwhile!!Imported Photos 01660

will post a pick as the panels are added on over the next few days, but as I left it this evening with the rear end in place!!!Imported Photos 01740

Also some major fabrication been taking place on Mr Quatermans Vert.......rear cross members ........Imported Photos 01543

check back before crimbo for some last minute updates on both projects!!!!

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ink time

so whilst the cal looker is resting , after its prime up!!!!Imported Photos 01484

 Imported Photos 01475

I have been getting on with Andy Q's vert for a few days!!! this will really be one to look for in the new year, will post some pics later in the week.....

Last weekend we paid another visit to George at Lucky 7 tattooing, Kels starting her left sleeve and its got off to a cracking start with an old school gyspy head!!Imported Photos 01504

George is an amazing artist so keep checkin back to see some more of his work as we go back to see him before christmas for some more work on both our sleeves!!!!

Be sure to check out the new blogs of Java and JGE , click on the logos on the right hand side!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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