Cal lookin good........

so Been working really hard on Matts car bits of it used to look like this Imported Photos 01408

and now they look like this!

Imported Photos 01435

and the cars really starting to take shape and look real good

Imported Photos 01449

Finally last week we had a visitor in the form of Mr Martin Fenner, Martins the new owner of a rather gorgeous 55 vert thats going full resto its having a bit of bodywork done right now at Evil Bens but it will be with me in the new year, unfortunaltey due to the credit crunch and all that we had to put Martin to work to pay for his deposit.........lolImported Photos 01398

keep checkin back!!!

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pan porn.....

So Denz's pan is finally painted, belive me although it was alot of work I think everyone can't help but agree that its amazing!!!Imported Photos 01343

Imported Photos 01349

had a chance to go back to essex a few weekends ago and had a quick visit to George our tattooist at Lucky Seven tattoo's Romford (check out here www.thelucky7.co.uk and also click the banner of my tattoo!!!)Imported Photos 01328

To be honest its a little bit hulk elbow  here but its more awesome work from George, can't wait to crack on with the rest of the sleeve!!!

Also got to go see Rancid play live at Brizzle, was absolutley amazing!!!!!! the support argy bargy were amazing too!

Imported Photos 01391

check back late this week for some progress pics of Matt and Sals late looker that I've been working on this week!!!!!!

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