new arrival....

A few seriously cool cars have been heading to Ireland of late and in that few is a couple I have had the pleasure of doing the paint on!!!, some of you may have heard of the squareblack????lol well this is where they are headed check out Waynes site and drool at his collection! http://www.waynemacvw.com/

sooooooooo this past week or so I have been sorting out denzes pan for paint, believe me this has been a HUGE task lol as both he and I are notoriously perfectionist!!!!!!!lol but its gonna look off the chizzain!!!!!!!!!!Imported Photos 01281

check back next week when this pan gets some famous trailer queen black!

our new arrival in the shop this week is Matt and Sal's 73 Cal Looker to be!!!this is going to be one seriously cool fast car, so it got blasted this week in prep for me attacking it with the straightening irons next week!!!!!! this is actually going to be the first bug to come out of Trailer Queens with full paint!!!!! BUT many more to come ;) so keep em peeled Imported Photos 01293


Sal's running a progress thread over on Cal look lounge so go check it out!

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