ok so NEXT.............

Last couple of weeks I have been working on an amazing project to be honest at first it almost daunted even ME let alone the owner, this guy really has some dedication to this car!!! it will be an on going project that will pop up from time to time and basically it major reconstruction!!! he has a thread running here to check out the full story.....http://restowagenuk.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=31&start=0

but to give you an idea.....Imported Photos 01254

 new front end in place from a doner CAR....yes thats right a whole car......Imported Photos 01264

lines up pretty sweet, much bracing etc later !!!so be sure to check out his thread for the full story. Random pic of a van I saw coming home from good ol Essex the other week, I was just loving this and it made the guys day when I asked for some pics...non VW but cool asImported Photos 01145

Have a new major proect coming in soon, something alittle bit differenet and way cool!!! still a bug tho ;) some real late evenings coming on Gavs bus also so check back soon for more progress with that as paint time is iminent!!!!!!!!!!

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