razzle razor!!!!

painted shell pics as promised!Imported Photos 01170

Imported Photos 01175

Imported Photos 01178

Imported Photos 01173

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on the inside....

so thought I would paint the inside of the razor and show some pics!!!Imported Photos 01118Imported Photos 01121

Imported Photos 01120

check back on Monday for the shell ;)

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prime time....

so the razor is going black before the week is out!!!! its getting rubbed down right now and in the meantime the bus now looks like this!!!!Imported Photos 01104

Imported Photos 01101

Imported Photos 01102

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So as you know the razor was primered and after the guide coat and a good rub down........Imported Photos 01088

it was back to the booth for another couple of coats which showed exactly how cool this is goin to look!!! plus it is going black!Imported Photos 01092Imported Photos 01093

so this week its gonna get trailer queen'd and get its top coats, also in the booth awaiting some primer on MondayImported Photos 01097

So it was'nt great working on the couple of sunny days we have had this year but alot got done!!!!!!!!!!! check back this week coz paint jobs are like buses here.......

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Razor Magic

so as well as sanblastin the roof of the bus this week (which is quite an experience let me tell you!!!) I have been busy priming the Razor, I think it came out preeeeettty sweet!!!Imported Photos 00881Imported Photos 00885 

just a little pic of another addition to my ink collection, my old friend and fellow VW nut George at Lucky 7 tattoo came up with this amazing take on an old school classic pin up, adapted for yours truly to be seated in a gravity fed spray gun cup!!!! shes pretty hot!!! rest of the sleeve to follow shortlyImported Photos 00824

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Retro pics...........

been busy in the workshop, fitting a new masshousive compressor and some new equipment, also working on the razor and 21 window!!!! pics for the weekend of the razor all primered up!!! So check back, for now some pics from the early nineties!!!!backintheday1

some well known faces here, maybe all now a little fatter and balder!!! who can spot Type2 Pauly!!!!! and also Lil Chris Lambourne!!!!!And of course me :Sbackintheday2

my old bus, me Paul and Brainz.....backintheday3

My Old bus again bug jam 92!!! Gary brown's bug and split.............og rekkas in the HOOOOOOOUSE!

ahhhh the good ol days

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