yes its been a while

and we have been buuuuuusssssyyyyy, cars have come and gone, and at the momment we have a whole new load of stuff in the workshop........

we promise that we are going to make the extra effort and reward you guys for keep coming back by updating more often, so heres just a pic of a certain rag that we welded up for Mr Simpson..... its started out a little like Imported Photos 00595

This car was pretty rotten and had been bodged in the past to keep it on the roadImported Photos 00622

The pan went from this to ........Imported Photos 00634

body's all nice and welded and safe again and back with the owner all paintedImported Photos 00651

Be sure to check back to be introduced to some new projects !!

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Top work as per............

Speak to you soon.

Gepost door: T2D Paul | 03-08-08

Cheers Paul, You coming down for Cornwall Jamboree??

Gepost door: Gav | 03-08-08

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