weekend results.......

had a bit of a saturday shake up this weekend, got busy on a newly deveoped 4 1/2 - 5" beam fits sweet as standard no body mods, so hit me up soon if you would like one!!!then your car can sit like the ratmobile!!!Imported Photos 00457
Imported Photos 00459
its sits real nice but its gotta have some drop spindles on it yet....the ratrag is up for sale as I have too many projects and no time!! whilst going through it at the weekend we found a slightly "personal" letter to one of the old owners!!!Imported Photos 00463

hmmmmm....but if your interested this is the rag.......Imported Photos 00422
 and started on this fine Monday morning..............my challenge for the next few weeks...............Imported Photos 00466
check back this week for this pans story also for more progress on Gavs bus!!!

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