Hello Dolly!!!!

Busy, busy week this week, cracking on with Gavs bus, which is really coming on, started( well almost finished now) the other side had to get it out and turn it round which is becoming difficult as the workshops super super busy!!!!! with a few new projects that I'll introduce you too in the next few weeks!!!!Imported Photos 00367
its gonna be going into final primer over the next few weeks so look out!!

Had a few visitors at TQ HQ today, Steve brought his wicked lookin early vert over for an inspection on some accident damage!!! wicked looking ghost flames on the front but unfortunatley someone managed to crash the wing so the front ends gonna need a re-think!Imported Photos 00372

ouch!!!!! Rob, Steves mate came along with him for the ride and brought  4 month old Dolly with him - as many of you know I have a ten year old Bulldog so its a good job he was'nt here shes too pretty for Stanley love!!!!!Imported Photos 00374

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