doing things in pairs............

ok so this weekend we travelled back to our homeland (ESSEX lol) whilst there I delivered some parts I had fabricated, a pair or rear cross members to be precise!!!!Our friend Mike is restoring a 58 bug over on pre67vw.com to standard (we won't hold that against him!! lol) i got them looking like thisImported Photos 00011
with some Andy P's repair panels and a bit of trailer magic they look like thisImported Photos 00249
Imported Photos 00250
whilst we were there Kel got her birthday prezzie from George'll fix it............as well as being a brilliant impressionist, he has just opened a wicked tattoo shop in Romford just along from the dogs stadium, its called Lucky seven, look out for more info and a link real soon, George is an old mate of mine and also a VW nut, he owns one of my old panel vans!!anyway this is what he's best at!!Imported Photos 00262

Imported Photos 00267
if your in the market for tattoos, a trip to see George is well worth the journey call 01708  755077   and ask to book with George or Phil!!!!!!! Kels well pleased with the latest addition to her rather large collection be sure to watch out for a peice that George has designed for me soon...............

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eye for detail......

sometimes when i am in the throws of doin a resto (buses specifically!! lol) its gets really hard going and what looks like an easy job turns into days of just making sure its done right!!!!, the inside of Gavs buses cab seemed that way today, but at the end of a mammoth work day its taking shape and loooking gooooood......Imported Photos 00231
to this...Imported Photos 00235
one side now looks likeImported Photos 00237
and its all about the detail that takes the time....check out the door gaps ;)Imported Photos 00238
Imported Photos 00239
now thats what TQR's all about!!!!

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said farewell to Paul Denhams oval rag today, as it went for dipping and coating , BUT, don't get upset it will be back in about 4 weeks, then I will be waving the paint wand over it before the end of the year!!!!!!!Imported Photos 00182
 set about Gavins rear panel and cargo door today, Imported Photos 00171
Imported Photos 00172
Imported Photos 00178
Then on to the outer!!!Imported Photos 00185
Imported Photos 00191
And the end result one nice and solid straight fitting door!!!

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rat mobile..........

Imported Photos 00170
more progress on Gavs bus - comin along rather nicely!!!! got the tailgate and engine lid totally ready for final prime!!!moving onto the lower rear panel tommorrow and cargo doors! so check back for progress!

a nice little find on the rat this evening, og tax disks on the inner drivers door found the first one it would have been registered with!!!Imported Photos 00165
Imported Photos 00166

Be sure to check out our new link also to the VW Garden!!! for all your early VW needs, be it NOS or good OG 2nd hand panels or just for a nice new project!!!! http://www.vwgarden.co.uk/index.html Owen and Anna are good honest people that will do their best to help ya out!!!!!!!!


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and so to the rat mobile..

finally after months managed to get a days work in on the rat saturday!!!! (had to leave the surf alone tho:( )

welded up the channel and a lil bit of fabrication as usual!!! lol inner rear panels and alla thatImported Photos 00164
keep checkin back for progress on the rat!!!

Been crackin on with Gavins bus this week, Imported Photos 00155

in order to get this...........into this...............Imported Photos 00156
you need to buy one of these!!Imported Photos 00157
great for getting a sandblasted finish, still quite hard work because its basically a £300 motorized wire brush!!!!! lol

this is how Gavs bus is now taking shapeImported Photos 00161

Imported Photos 00158

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this week I will be mostly........

Getting stuck into Gavin from SWS's bus!!! AFter a great weekend of surf and R & R South West Coast stylee its time to turn it out!!!

Started out last week bare metaling the rear qtr in and out and also the cargo floor areaImported Photos 00000

Imported Photos 00001
to this.....Imported Photos 00005

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