doing things in pairs............

ok so this weekend we travelled back to our homeland (ESSEX lol) whilst there I delivered some parts I had fabricated, a pair or rear cross members to be precise!!!!Our friend Mike is restoring a 58 bug over on pre67vw.com to standard (we won't hold that against him!! lol) i got them looking like thisImported Photos 00011
with some Andy P's repair panels and a bit of trailer magic they look like thisImported Photos 00249
Imported Photos 00250
whilst we were there Kel got her birthday prezzie from George'll fix it............as well as being a brilliant impressionist, he has just opened a wicked tattoo shop in Romford just along from the dogs stadium, its called Lucky seven, look out for more info and a link real soon, George is an old mate of mine and also a VW nut, he owns one of my old panel vans!!anyway this is what he's best at!!Imported Photos 00262

Imported Photos 00267
if your in the market for tattoos, a trip to see George is well worth the journey call 01708  755077   and ask to book with George or Phil!!!!!!! Kels well pleased with the latest addition to her rather large collection be sure to watch out for a peice that George has designed for me soon...............

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