samba go go

a few pics of Paul Denhams rear end LOL the car is really finally coming together and will be off for dipping by the end of May, its been a slog but boy is it worth it!!Imported Photos 00011
metal work is all but complete and its going to be surface process, dipped and primed then it will be back for the TQR paint special later in the year....

Gavin from South West Splits delivered his wifes 21 window samba down today for some Trailer Queen Lovin.....its pretty straight but keep checkin back for its progress!Imported Photos 00025

come back soon!!!

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heeeerrresssss Gavin!..............

So yes we are back, sooooo busy but no time to blog! thats what happens when you have two kids, two cats and a dog and waaaaaay to many cars!!!

This week have been welding up Ian (Simos) ragtop, this is one rusty car!!!! its basically gonna be a slammed daily....Imported Photos 00292

rusty channelsImported Photos 00294
Imported Photos 00307
quick mock up of the panels and then some fabricationImported Photos 00308
Imported Photos 00312
and then channel goes in!!

got some real exciting stuff goin on over the next few weeks, a super cool samba coming in and a real nice vert!!! come back soon!!!

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He Shoots....

he scores - Squareback panel, went down a storm at the Vworld show, picking up one of Russells top twenty awards......heres a reminder of just how good it looked whilst its having it piccy taken for the feature, coming to a newsagent near you soon........dyn002_original_400_300_gif_2550189_e4e1c4125a54208cb03678e4cf2ff63c

plus at the work shop this week, i have been fabricating more stuff for the Oval rag, Paul wanted to be sure that the rear crossmembers where spot on for the year ( no cheap repro here) so Andy Parrott kindly fabricated us some repair sections which where absolutley spot on , heres the results with a bit of tweaking!!!Imported Photos 00125 (3)
Imported Photos 00144 (3)

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