He Shoots....

he scores - Squareback panel, went down a storm at the Vworld show, picking up one of Russells top twenty awards......heres a reminder of just how good it looked whilst its having it piccy taken for the feature, coming to a newsagent near you soon........dyn002_original_400_300_gif_2550189_e4e1c4125a54208cb03678e4cf2ff63c

plus at the work shop this week, i have been fabricating more stuff for the Oval rag, Paul wanted to be sure that the rear crossmembers where spot on for the year ( no cheap repro here) so Andy Parrott kindly fabricated us some repair sections which where absolutley spot on , heres the results with a bit of tweaking!!!Imported Photos 00125 (3)
Imported Photos 00144 (3)

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