finally got Paul Denhams oval rag, looking like a normal car!!!! - well from the front anway,lol, anyone who has followed this one knows the down right anal nature of this restoration, this really is gonna be one to watch out for!!!!Imported Photos 00573
Imported Photos 00574

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Its all in the detail.....

been a busy little bee detailing a beam setup for the T3D/T2D volksworld stand........be sure to check it out boys and girls...Imported Photos 00548
 Imported Photos 00547  Imported Photos 00550

Imported Photos 00551

Also bumped into this on our travels in town today, turns out the owner is a local Bude guy , we think its kinda retro!!!!lol

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Trailer queen resto merch got picked up today!!!!Imported Photos 00521

Just one design at momment but we have some well cool ideas in the pipeline so keep em peeled!

Denz Oval front end is back on and looking more like a car ever day!!!Imported Photos 00519

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ch ch ch check it out.........

lots of progress over at T3D on the square be sure to check it out!!!!! Its gonna be at Volksworld Show, also be sure to hit the T3D super stand too, for all your T3 and T2 requirements!!!

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weldathon progress!!!

Paul Denhams car has been having some serious surgery.......so in true blue peter styleeee.Imported Photos 00464
and heres one I made earlierImported Photos 00467

andImported Photos 00457
to.......Imported Photos 00463
getting ready to go from this....Imported Photos 00462
to looking like a car againImported Photos 00475

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Beam me up..........

Gav..........New from Trailer Queen (well not new but a new batch!!!) call for details or to order, 3 1/2 narrowed custom built type one link pin beams!!! Complete fit as standard kits or bare beam you decide!!!!!!!! Kit includes :-

New adjustable narrowed beam made from all new metal, nylon bushes, new narrowed leaves and a pair of narrowed tie rods. full kit £375 posted.

bare beam is new narrowed beam made with all new metal and adjusters. £250 posted.

Your beam could look as good as this!!!beam

also Lazer cut ends for bay and split buses, link pin and ball joint bug beams avaliable. Call for prices!!! 07977 508 907....................

check out tommorrows blog for some progress on Paul Denhams weldathon bug.......:)

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