Momentus Occasion......

Well Trailer Queen's first job to come out of the Cornwall Qtr......I was real pleased with how it looked this afternoon as we loaded it up in the super shuttle, thanks Simo......Imported Photos 00284
Imported Photos 00279
Imported Photos 00310
Imported Photos 00320

So in exchange to fill the gap Mr Simpson brought down another little ratty rag to add to my collection, this is gonna get a solid weld job slammed and narrowed to be driven.....Molly (his daughter) said he has to be pink when its done we personally think that would suit Ian's eyes......lolImported Photos 00253

Imported Photos 00321

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times crackin on.....

Imported Photos 00248
and so have I been - some more of the polished final articles....Imported Photos 00246

Imported Photos 00249     also saw this on my travels tonight, have seen it around the village I guess you could say its the "only 2002 in the village", cept that its not!!!!!  theres actually a 2002 covertible here too!!!this is pretty damn cool thoImported Photos 00251

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family portrait.....

in the reflection of the engine bay of Russells square.Imported Photos 00221
more pics of the fully polished car ready to wing its way back to camp T3D within the next couple of days!!!

random pic of my leg peice finished today, both legs now match!!!Imported Photos 00233

Imported Photos 00230

only some extra filler work to go around them then there done!!!!

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panel time...

more pics of painted panels..............gun finish of course ;) watch out for the polished versions too later in the week......Imported Photos 00226
Doors are nice n straight too.....Imported Photos 00231
Imported Photos 00235

optical illusion!!!! wheres the panel wheres the booth!!!

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courtesy of...

Mr Russell Ritchie, his painted shell, pics of panels etc to come, this is straight from gun finish!!!!quick once over with the polisher and this baby is ready to go back to Paul at team T3D for the refit.Imported Photos 00185
Imported Photos 00183

Imported Photos 00188
In the end Russell chose to go with the og colour of this car L469 Anthrazit, I think he made a very good decision, the colour look awesome!

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The view from the roof of our flat looked like thisImported Photos 00191
but unfortunatley i had to go to work to continue the paint on the Squareback.........wanna see........well you'll just have to wait!!

After work I walked the dog and stumbled across a car club meet in the beach car park they were (quite imaginitively) called the mk4 supra club!!! a couple of nice cars tho..........Imported Photos 00196
Imported Photos 00195

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all paneled up and ready to go!!

Well tomorrow after ALOT of straightening and hard work the square panel is going into paint, This is how I left her late this evening in my booth!Imported Photos 00173

 had primed the roof twice and its looking pretty god damn goodImported Photos 00171

I must appologise for the lack of blogness but this is always a mentally stressful time with any resto I do!!! the last two weeks, getting all those little bits just so, OCD can be hard sometimes!!!! lol but I think we will see the results will be worth it!!!!!plus look soon for more of the Rat project, Paul Denhams awesome resto oval rag and some serious beam detailing for T3D!!!

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