happy days!!!

Got our signs back today for the shop, we're pretty chuffed!

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Took a trip to see our good friend Ian, who helped sort out our compressor issue!!! He has a special project on the build in his workshop, that I painted a while ago (which is underwraps so no pics!!!) but we found other treasure in his place........

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The chrome Fuch Faries have been to visit Ian!!!!

Ians "rasta" "clown" "in need of help" 56 RHD bus.....it will come to Trailer Queens one day!!

Imported Photos 00066

Whilst we was there our mate Tufty came to visit with his super cool BWA 66 panel, Trust us this bus is seriously slammed and tucked......and super quick! Tufty took this bus all the way from somerset to T3D HQ to get its slam job and a box lift!!!!

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