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we are still here BUT we now have a new tumblr blog which has been easier for us to upload too!! check it out who knows you might even like it ;)


Also be sure to look us up for our updates on facebook and twitter!!!

ahhhh the joys of the WWW!!!

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how cool!!!

Does Mr Fenners car look??? its looking awesome its been at EvilBens getting refitted to go off to gets it hood fitted, really coming together !!!! Bens hard  fab and refit work and our paint and detail has paid off!!!Marts vert.jpg












Mr Zullos seat frames are ready to be all covered up!!! we did'nt let that stop us from making them all shiney again!!Imported Photos 03982.JPG

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Rat look but not as you know it!!!

Painted Mr Mac's tinwear today ready for the ruby rat build..........not very ratty tho ;)Imported Photos 03993.JPG













Its been a funny couple of weeks for us here at TQR, fighting off illness, too much work (if theres such a thing?) and the loss of our best friend and bulldog of 12 years Stanley Beefcake..........Any of you guys that had the chance to meet him will know what a character he was and why it hit us so hard!!!Imported Photos 00273.JPG













So we now have to crack on!!!! and Sam's seat frames will be getting some paint tommorrow, judging by its progress at T3D we think this will be the last painted item to leave TQR for the bus!!! Check back this week for more updates!!!!

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No Literally.....Imported Photos 03769.JPG

Mr Denhams shocks and other detailing saw some paint today........this car is going to rock!!!!
Check back tommorrow to see Sam's Tin go into its colours.........also more progress on Masouds oval!!!
Be sure to join up to our face book page to for regular updates ...just search Trailer Queen Restos ;)

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Chrome Paint???

Nah just a bit of Square black...........chrome paint.jpg


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356 engine in an oval???


Amazingly busy times here at TQR we promise to try and blog more over the coming weeks!!! be sure also to keep checking our facebook page for progress on what we're up to!!!!

Had to take a road trip last week to see Mr Matt Keane from Air Kraft to check out a rather special future project............BUUUUT whilst we were there we saw he had this for sale.............so cool in a 70's stylee and its for sale so hit be sure to get in touch if your interested!!!T4

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be sure to look at

the build up of sams bus over on T2D boys blog looking good!!!!sams

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